Why a Handpainted Sign Is Good For Business

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Once upon a time, the only choice business owners had for their signage was one of a kind, handpainted sign.  Times are changing, and this includes signage for businesses. Neon, digital and window graphics now spoil Melbourne business owners for choice.    

Handpainted signs have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in the last decade or so as businesses return to more traditional methods.  There are many compelling reasons why this type of signage might just be great for your business. Some may be direct, like attracting new customers, or indirect like helping reduce maintenance costs associated with modern signage.

We’ve listed below eight reasons why a handpainted sign is good for your business.


You would be right in thinking that handpainted signs are often more expensive than their manufactured equivalents.  So how can it be that adding a custom hand-drawn design to your business can save you money? 

The difference is the ongoing maintenance and electricity costs associated with modern shop signage.  Handpainted signs represent a one-off cost, with little ongoing maintenance required.

Handpainted signs for any surface

Have a large brick wall that you want to be covered with a stunning piece of art?  How about a full glass shop window, or a metal security gate?  The beauty of hand-painting means we can work on all surfaces, adding a unique marketing-spin to your Melbourne business.


A perfect handpainted sign, done correctly, will last for years and attract customers for decades to come.   At Melbourne Signwriting, we only use the finest paints and materials to guarantee our work will remain impactful far into the future.

Size matters

Handpainted signs come in a wide variety of sizes, from window displays to full wall murals.   Our creative team can work to your specific requirements to deliver your signage, big or small.

Complete customisation

Working with a handpainted sign really allows you to completely go wild with your imagination.  Not only that, but we are not constrained by awkward shaped surfaces that otherwise could not be met by traditional signs.


Our handpainted signs are not only long-lasting but also durable. They can withstand the most extreme weather conditions, outperforming other types of signage like banners. As a result, ongoing maintenance costs are low, meaning more money in your pocket.

Gets better with age

Like a fine wine, handpainted signs actually get better with age.  If you take a look around Melbourne, the most eye-catching handpainted signs are one that shows signs of weathering.  Being exposed to the elements gives our signs a unique look and feel, and unlike their modern equivalent, won’t cheapen the look of your business when aged.

Return to traditional roots

Handpainted signs are still quite a rarity on the high street and adding one to your business really makes it stand out in the crowd. Traditional handpainted methods exude elegance and class and create a lasting impression on your customers, old and new.

At Melbourne Signwriting, we offer handpainted signs as well as their contemporary alternatives.  Whatever your requirements, we can certainly help.  Get in touch today to find out what we can do for you.