What Your Shop Sign Says About Your Melbourne Business

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Your shop sign does a lot more than giving the name of your business. It is often the first encounter a customer will have with your shop, restaurant or café.  At first glance, it can tell a potential customer exactly what they should expect when dealing with you.

 Poor signage can cost you customers and can even spoil the reputation of your business; after all, first impressions matter.

Your shop sign needs to be well designed and constructed to communicate effectively. When planning your shop sign, remember to keep it short. The shorter, the better because a lot of people have a short attention span and you do not want them to lose interest before they get to the meat of the message. Another reason you should keep your signage text short is that a lot of people are likely to just glance through it on their way past. Therefore, you need people to get the message at first sight.

One of our top tips is to keep it simple!  Trying anything too fancy such as crazy fonts or complicated logos can work against your business. Don’t choose aesthetic over legibility. You need your audience to absorb your sign and understand what your business can offer, without thinking too hard.

Below are some ideas you can utilize for your shop signs:

Electric Signs

Regular or neon, electronic signs are a popular choice for most outlets on the high street. Electronic signs are great as they are hugely flexible, complete customized, and relatively cheap to manufacture.

Electric signs are a great way to make your company stand out, by opting for a backlit sign you can ensure your sign is visible at all hours of the day.

If you want to go digital, you can communicate multiple messages using the same sign, by rotating through promotions, special offers or deals of the day.

Persuasive Signage

Used to inspire customers to take action, persuasive signage is a powerful tool in a business owners arsenal.  Store owners can benefit significantly by having persuasive signs outside and inside the store. These types of sign show real potential when it comes to impacting sales because it can help to influence a customer’s buying decision. These signs come in various forms and can carry information about promotions, clearance sales and discounts.

Business owners should pay specific attention to colour, as it has been proven that colour can heavily influence a buyers decision.

Roll-up Banners and Standees

Roll-up banners are a cheap and straightforward means of displaying your brand and the products/service. If you’re attending regular exhibits, trade shows or fetes, they are a natural choice.

Banners offer flexibility and can be easily moved around. Although we advise against using a roll-up banner as shopfront signage, they are highly useful when advertising specific product lines and to share more information about promotions and discounts. You can also use a roll-up banner to promote your brand and talk about your business vision, mission and core values.

What Your Shop Sign Says About You

Our number one tip? Simple is beautiful.  You should ensure that your signs are easy to read and carry vital information.

When it comes to designing signage, less is more. Keep your signage unpretentious, make your font clear enough to be read from afar, and incorporate a sleek logo.

Melbourne Signwriting has years of experience when it comes to sign design and advice.  Speak to one of our experts today to find out exactly what we would recommend for your business.