Vehicle Wraps – 5 Melbourne Businesses That Could Boost their Bottom Line

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Marketing in the business world is ever-evolving. Businesses are always coming up with innovative ways to get their name out there and ensure that their business continues to grow.

A new, effective marketing tool is the use of car wrapping to market your local business.  Many companies see remarkable increases in traffic (forgive the pun), using this new technique.

Vehicle wrapping involves covering the body of a vehicle with a vinyl graphic, advertising your business. Effectively, you have an eye-catching, moving billboard wherever you go.  The wrap can last for up to 5 years before needing to be replaced.

Vehicle wraps are highly effective for businesses that are continually driving around small citifies, to and from clients. 

Here are 5 Melbournes companies that could immediately benefit from marketing using vehicle wraps.


Aussies above all want a mechanic they can trust, but if they don’t know you exist, then the chances of you gaining their custom are nil.  Using vehicle wrapping as an advertising tool gets your name out there and in front of them. After all, every person on the road is a potential customer. Taking the time to wrap a vehicle sends a message to your customer that you take your business seriously and are a trusted, local professional.

Mobile hairdressers       

Nowadays, you don’t need to go to a salon to get your hair done, thanks to mobile hairdressers who are ready to bring the services at your doorstep. To help reach new customers, the mobile hairdressing industry has embraced vehicle wrapping as a useful promotional tool. Check out this mobile barbershop in London that have used vehicle wrapping highly effectively to market their business.


If there is a single business most likely to increase their customers and benefit from vehicle wrapping, it would be catering. Adding a vehicle wrap installs a sense of trust in your customer, especially if you are catering for an important event such as a wedding. 

If you own a food or coffee van, branding is vital.  If you can get this right, you can turn your vehicle into an Instagram-worthy marketing tool wherever you go.


Offering a broad set of skills, handymen must stand out from the crowd.  Adding a vehicle wrap provides a mobile billboard for your business.  Not only that, but it will prevent your vehicle from chips and scratches to the paintwork.  Perfect for when you are lugging heavy tools and machinery to and from jobs.

Mobile dog walking

Lastly, mobile dog walkers are another business that could greatly benefit from vehicle wrapping. In Melbourne, dog owners spend big bucks on people to look after their pooch.  Akin to a baby, customers want to be assured they can leave their pup in safe hands.  Adding a wrap to your vehicle shows you are a serious business, not just someone trying to make some extra cash on the side.

At Melbourne Signwriting, we offer wraps for vehicles including cars, vans and even boats.  Our team of designers will work with you to deliver a vehicle wrap that genuinely shows the best of your business.  Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help you.