Signs for Start-Ups

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Start-ups are here to stay, especially in Melbourne. Prioritising a sign for your start-up is critical.

Perhaps you’ve recently launched a new venture or looking at investing. Read on to find out why.

What is a start-up anyway?

Start-ups are companies in their very infant stages, usually founded by one or more entrepreneurs aiming to provide service or develop a product that they believe would be in high demand. As it is in in the first stages of doing business, money is tight and is often financed by the founders as it tries to get off the ground. Start-ups with revolutionary ideas are sought after by investors.

Before the start-up begins full operation, they have to resolve many issues, including the location of the business, the system of operation and legal structure. The initial stage is crucial. The founder of the start-up business has to source for funds, develop a business plan not to mention, employ competent staff.

Why do I need a sign for my start-up?

Some of the challenges facing start-ups originate from the need to establish brand awareness and legitimacy while adhering strictly to the marketing budget. Therefore, it is essential to adopt the most beneficial options when it comes to signage.  The right signage can boost business performance and increase the possibility of success. Thankfully at Melbourne Signwriting, we specialise is signs for start-ups.

Below are some of the most popular signage choices start-up business owners /marketing experts can use to their advantage.

Outdoor Signage

Signages like banners, sidewalk signs and branded flags are examples of outdoor signage. Outdoor signage perfectly showcases your brand to the general public, and if effectively done, could convince potential customers to do business with you. Reports show that close to 60 percent of consumers refuse to do business with a company with poor quality signage. Superior quality signage promotes awareness and provides exposure to the company and its products or services. Outdoor signage grabs the attention of potential customers. Given signage is often the first encounter prospective customers will have with your business, it’s essential to do it properly.

Indoor Signage

While the outdoor signage showcases your brand to the general public, the indoor signage beautifies your store or office. Indoor signage provides a warm welcome to people who visit the store. It could function as both interior design as well as a sleek marketing tool for your business. As an interior design, it is crucial to make the signage soft and welcoming. As commercial signage, it is vital to keep it short but informative.

Obtaining funding is one of the most critical aspects of a start-ups longevity.  Failure to attract the attention of investors could put your life work in jeopardy.  We work with our clients to design eye-catching banners for conventions and trade shows, guaranteed to draw attention.

Corporate Branding

Corporate branding is crucial in a dog eat dog business world. Not only does it exist to ‘label’ your company, but it also serves as a constant reminder to potential customers – people are likely to remember something they see often.

Internally – corporate branding promotes company culture. Company manuals, internal signage and even stationary can work to consistently promote images, statements and designs inspired by your company’s purpose. After a while, these images and statements become synonymous with your brand.

A lot of businesses tend to downplay the importance of signage, either cheaping out by producing inferior designs or simply not using it at all.

Signs for start-ups in Melbourne

If you’re looking for a sign for your new start-up in Melbourne, get in touch with us today to talk about your signage solutions. We specialise in signs for start-ups as well as long-established businesses.