Top Tips to Achieve Powerful Signs for Your Business

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Every business person is on the lookout for the next big thing or an invention that will make their business snowball. Using shopfront signage to attract new customers is as relevant now as ever, and helping your business stand out is vital.

So what exactly can be done to get a powerful, eye-catching sign for your business? Below are a few tips for success when it comes to identifying the best sign for your Melbourne business.

Do some research

Research, research, research.  Take a look around you and notice what kind of signs catch your eye.  Understand that business signs are a marketing tool, designed to draw the attention of new customers to your business, so pay attention to any sign that does this in your day to day life.  Get to know what kind of technologies are available, how they have evolved and those that are used regularly in your industry or market.  Are they unique? Are they attention-grabbing? Take inspiration from what is working to save you time.

How easy is it to understand?

You might think that a very intricate sign might get the attention of your customers, but this is actually false. The most effective signs are the ones that the audience understands quickly, at first glance, selling your business idea in a split-second. Consider your target audience in terms of preferences.  First impressions matter.  The ideal scenario is for your customer to understand what your business is about just by looking at your sign or logo.

Standing the test of time           

The most powerful signs remain relevant for years to come. Try not to be swayed by current trends or phases.  Consider your environment to determine what would work best for your business.  Our customers trust us to build signs that last and to stand the test of time. Some signs, such as those that are handpainted, get better with age.  Not every sign will not work for all types of business, however, so take the time to discuss with a professional for their advice.

What’s your type?

Most businesses fail when it comes to signage because they don’t treat it as a marketing tool.  A dull, lacklustre sign says a lot about your business, and not good things. Companies can also make the mistake of overuse of signage, creating a hectic and disorganized impression. Compelling signage should portray precisely what your business is about and what exactly it does. Every company has a personality, and this should be reflected in your businesses signage. As a business owner, you need to make it clear to your signwriting partner what is expected and how your business should be presented.  Well-planned signage avoids disappointing customers who may be misled by poorly crafted alternatives.

At Melbourne Signwriting, we work directly with our customers to uncover their business purpose.  Once discovered, we begin a rigorous process to truly design, deliver and install a completely customized product, setting you apart from your competition.  Get in touch with us today to find out what we can do for you and your business.