Hand-Painted Signs

Breath-Taking Hand-Painted Signs by Melbourne Signwriting

Signs are an essential avenue to advertise your product and market your company. The sign you use says a lot about your business and brand. Potential customers are put off with poor design and vice versa. It is, therefore, important that companies and business owners pay attention! Handcrafted signs are an elegant and unique way to promote your brand.

The popularity of hand-painted signs

Many years ago, most signs were hand-painted. Still, in recent years most businesses shifted towards graphics and computer-generated designs. Although cheap and quick to produce, computer designed signage is often generic and impersonal.

Hand-drawn signs are an attractive and creative alternative, and many business owners are making the switch back to the age-old tradition.

Acquiring and Developing the Craft

Hand-painting is a craft that has a long history. In years gone by, artisans acquired the craft through apprenticeship, graduating to expert through years of experience.

The craft takes years to master. One crucial skill that all apprentices must learn is how to manipulate the lettering brush. This skill alone sometimes takes years to fine-tune. Apprentices would also gain skills in other areas such as gold leafing and stencilling.

Use of Hand-painted Signs

Hand-painted signs are a valuable means of producing unique and customized one-off advertisements for your business.

Because of the way they are created, these signs can be applied to any surface, and are the best option when it comes to difficult surfaces like rough renders or brickworks.

Handpainting requires excellent use of sight, impeccable hand stroke, and precision.

The most appealing attribute of hand-painted signs is that it passes a human touch to the job, and this impacts both the business owner and the customers. A hand-painted sign can convert an otherwise underwhelming business into a warm and welcoming place.

Not Just for Businesses

Our signs can are suitable for many other environments, including schools and preschools. What better way to welcome a child to their first day of school with a unique mural or design on an otherwise blank wall?

Our designs feature in office spaces across Melbourne. Because of Melbourne’s unique affinity with graffiti, many offices are trying to bring the outside in and recreate some fo the fantastic pieces of art we see along our streets.   This type of art is especially useful when trying to humanise office spaces.

Hand-painted signs are suitable for use in many different environments. Our signs feature in schools, corporate organizations, offices, and colleges across Melbourne. Some of our most effective signs appear in shop fronts, reception areas and on murals.

Most hand-painted signs carry an aura of professionalism on the one hand and a welcoming quality on the other.

Melbourne’s Best Hand-Painted Signwriters

Melbourne Signwriting offers some of the best-handpainted services in Melbourne. 

Consisting of a passionate group of artists and signwriters, with many years of experience and expertise. We specialize in all manner of signs and signwriting.

We value the traditional aspect of our art and put our heart and soul into every piece we produce

If you’re interested in starting a project with us, get in touch today to find out how we can help.