Beautifully Crafted Gold Leaf Gilding by Melbourne Signwriters

Gilding is the technical application of metal foils to surfaces. Gilding is commonly known as gold leaf technique because gold is usually used. Silver and other metal foils can be used in gilding, but tend not to last as long as gold. Silver leaf tarnishes quickly when exposed to air and the same applies to other metal foils.

An object is known as a gilt when gold leaf is applied to its metal, wooden or porcelain surface.

What is a gilt?

Gilt has a unique quality and is an attractive addition to many surfaces. Gilding makes an object gold-like in appearance, which is far cheaper than creating an object out of pure gold. Gold was seen as a symbol of class, many years ago, but its reputation still stands. Gold is still considered a status symbol, today.

Silver tarnishes quickly, so white-gold is used as an alternative.

Modern gilding is used for numerous purposes and different settings. It is still commonly used in woodwork, cabinet-work, interior decoration, picture frames, decorative painting, ornamental work, pottery, and porcelain.

Gold Leaf

Gold leaf is traditionally made from ‘goldbeating’ actual gold into thin sheets, which can then be applied to a variety of different surfaces.  In our gilding process, we use 22-karat yellow gold, creating an unmistakable and high-end finish.

By layering the gold leaf over your surface or sign, we turn your boring or drab display into something much fore unique.  Our customers trust us to execute their work to the highest of standards.

The Gold Leaf Experts of Melbourne

Melbourne Signwriting has years of expertise in gold leaf writing and gilding. With a desire to enhance the standard of modern-day marketing through uniquely personalized and exceptional design, our team of artists are second to none.

Gold lettering, such as that featured in honours boards, has an undeniably classic and authentic look and feel.

Gold leaf gilding is one of the many traditional services that Melbourne Signwriting offers. We handwrite names on boards, decorate signs with gold trimmings, design gold leaf gilded signs as well as complete sign customisations.

Our team of artists and signwriters are always available to take your order and deliver superior-quality designs.