How To Find The Right Signwriter In Melbourne

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Doing business in Melbourne requires robust and proactive business owners.  The good news? There has never been a better time to start a business in Victoria.   

Success doesn’t come overnight.  It requires a continuous strategy and a plan to see you through.  Most importantly, you need to differentiate yourself from the competition.

One way to do so is to secure a signwriter to design a unique, attention-grabbing display for your business, resulting in helping to attract you more customers.

We’ve pulled together a list of our top tips on how to track down the right signwriter for your Melbourne business.

Signwriting Qualifications

Although there is no official signwriting qualification, a vast majority of signwriters will have academic qualifications of some sort, usually in art and design.  Most rely on their natural, artistic talent and have developed their skills through apprenticeships and years of experience.

Based on academic achievement alone, it’s impossible to decide on which signwriter you should work with.  Our advice to find a signwriter that you are most confident working with, regardless of whether they possess a natural flair, studied through apprenticeship or hold a degree.

How they understand your business is also very crucial. Find a signwriter who understands what your customers need and how to translate that into your signage. Simply put, while a natural talent may be great at creating a beautiful piece of art, they may not have a deep understanding of what message you actually want to get across to your potential clients.

All in all, in an industry occupied with many specialists in their fields, take the time to get to know the person you will be working with.  Only then can you truly decide whether they are a good fit for you and your business.

Skills and Abilities

As a skill, signwriting takes many years to fully master. Before working with your potential signwriting professional, consider their expertise and skills. Some things you will want to consider are whether they offer any design skills and whether these skills are unique enough to allow them to improvise and come up with innovative ways of doing things. After all, the goal is to make your business stand out an already overflowing high street.

In todays digital world, your signwriter should make effective use of technology and be computer literate to maximise efficiency.


Depending on the nature of your business and current growth, a significant outlay on a professional signwriter may be of concern. Experienced signwriters may be very expensive, while beginners may come at a lower price. In this industry, it is true that you get what you pay for. You should find the right balance between cost and experience for your own business. 


While we may want our work to be completed as fast as possible, jobs that can be completed quickly will often have to compromise on quality.  Keep that in mind when making decisions based on time to completion.

Plan of Action

Sit down with your preferred signwriter to determine a plan of action. This may require face to face communication or some form of an interview. Know how they intend to begin, proceed and finish your work. This will also help you determine if they truly understand what you need precisely and how suited they are for the task.

Here at Melbourne Signwriting, we treat each customer and their business as individuals. Our fully customised quote is developed after speaking to you and finding out everything there is to know about your business. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help your business thrive.