We are a collection of sign writers and artists located in the heart of Melbourne. Bound by a shared desire to enhance the standard of modern-day marketing through thoughtful design and exceptional craftsmanship.

In today’s world, most shops and businesses look identical. A unique sign for your business attracts customers and creates recognition for your brand. Opting for a hand-painted sign sets your business apart from the rest.  Think of the last time you walked down your high street and stopped to admire the hand-painted window dressing at your local barbers.   Traditional designs work in a way that modern designs don’t – creating a sense of excitement and uniqueness that your customers will associate with your business.  Designed and executed with great care and passion that will last for decades to come.

When you work with Melbourne Signwriting, you partner with a team that has access to modern technologies who can create practical designs suited to current marketing needs. We will help you seek distinction from your competitors and stay relevant to your customers in your respective industry.  

Melbourne’s Most Trusted Sign Writers

We are one of Melbourne’s most popular signwriting companies, not only for our upfront and transparent rates but also the devotion we offer to our valued clients.

Our experienced signwriters in Melbourne engage you to understand your desired outcomes for any project. By working around your preferences, Melbourne Signwriting can guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. We do not consider a job done until the customer is fully satisfied.

We have partnered with hundreds of property and business owners in Melbourne, from small enterprises to big corporations, helping them generate a unique visual appeal for their brand. We offer a complete, tailor-made experience to sole traders, commercial managers, corporate representatives and even governmental departments seeking a competitive edge in their respective fields.

Get value for your money in your marketing venture by working with tried and tested signwriters in Melbourne. Melbourne Signwriting offers competitive rates to first-time clients.

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What We Offer

Shopfront Signage

Maximise your stores potential with an innovative, unique and eye-catching sign

Pub Signs

Hand painted signs are our speciality. Make your pub or bar stand out on the high street with our one-of-a-kind signs

Brick Wall Designs

Undeniably elegant, brick wall designs add a vintage feel to your brand.

Gold Leaf Gilding

The traditional way to hand letter names on honour boards, the appearance of a craftsman built board with hand lettered gold names is a timeless classic.

Vehicle Signwriting

Offering a unique advertising opportunity and a moving billboard for your company. Clever design mixed with beautiful imagery can create a lasting impression with potential customers.

Logo and Sign Design

Logos can make or break a business. We are your one-stop design destination for high quality logo and graphic design.

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Why Hand-Painted?

Choosing a hand-painted sign for your company gives you an added visual advantage on a high street filled with generic signage. Traditional signwriting add’s heritage, craftsmanship and quality to your project.

We specialize in traditional hand-painted signs & signwriting. This includes techniques like gilding with genuine gold leaf and pinstriping, the way it was done back in the day. All of our work is handcrafted and performed with little assistance from computers. We aim to work in the most traditional way.

Although many different skills have been used over the years to produce signs, the work of the traditional signwriter has always been heavily in demand.  Today sign-writing still remains a valuable and valid method to produce a unique one-off sign, regardless of the surface to which it is painted or the intricacies of the design. In fact, on difficult surfaces, rough render or brickwork or upon historic buildings it is often the best method to produce a sign

Sign-writing is a precise art that takes years to learn, and even longer to master.

It is not filling in pre-drawn or computer determined shapes but the hand and eye skill of painting letters with sable brushes with the same precision. While at the same time, something very human is conveyed into the job which the computer cannot give.

Our services range from simple designs through to very intricate pieces of art. We are able to tailor our work specific to your requirements to help you create the perfect marketing image for your brand.

In recent years a large number of companies have been coming back to the timeless art of traditional hand-painted sign for their marketing campaigns. We have had the pleasure of working on hand-painted signs for some of the worlds largest Corporate Clients

Traditional sign painted signs are making a come back and becoming the latest trend along with other signwriting products. Traditional sign painting is permanent, easy to touch up and makes a real statement for your business brand and is an ideal solution for those in listed buildings or heritage areas.

We pride ourselves on being one of the only signwriting companies who are able to offer this service in-house and who pass on this skill to the next generation through nurturing of our staff.

Amassing many years of traditional hand painted sign writing we offer some of Melbourne’s most experienced signwriters. With a vast portfolio of work covering all aspects of the industry, from food stores to some of the largest international companies, we offer the same level of commitment and detail to every piece of work we do.

End to End Design

When it comes to designing a new logo or sign for your business, you can trust Melbourne Signwriting.

We offer a complete, ground-up design service starting with the needs and requirements of your business.  Our team of expert sign writers and artists will create you a stunning sign or logo you can be proud of.

We utilise the latest computer aided design software for cutting edge, contemporary designs.  If you prefer something more traditional, our team of hand sign writers can make a stunning, timeless piece that will impress your customers for years to come.


Gold Leaf Gilding

23ct Gold Leaf is the perfect enhancement to a heritage building or for those wanting a classic aesthetic for your custom sign or business branding.

The mirror-like projection gold leaf lettering & scrolling accomplishes is a timeless option for restaurants, stores, barbers and tattoo shops which demand a tasteful, highly effective visual design for their business.

We specialise in reverse glass gilding, surface gilding and restoration on modern and vintage surfaces.

Vehicle Wrapping

Turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard with our custom made vehicle wrapping service.  Changes can be incorporated easily with the easy to remove, non damaging wrap fitted by our team of industry experts.

Honour Boards

It’s a time-honoured tradition to hand paint names on honour boards utilizing 23-carat gold leaf transfer. 

The sight of a traditionally crafted board with handcrafted gold titles is unforgettable and timeless and the end result is classic and unique, and one that cannot be reproduced by computer-generated design.

Hand-Painted Signs

Nothing quite beats the look of a traditional hand-painted sign.  Our team of sign painters and writers can work on various surfaces of all different shapes and sizes.

Hand-painted signs are a timeless classic that will never go out of fashion.

If you own a barber, coffee shop or tattoo parlour, the look of a hand-painted sign on your wall or in your window is second to none.


Melbourne Signwriting is strategically located at the heart of Melbourne, Australia. We have a qualified team of signwriters with a ton of resources, enabling us to provide a full range of professional signage services.

Our extensive experience in Melbourne makes our design services second to none.  Whether you need Customized Sign Designs, Vehicle Signs, Shop Signs, Cafe Signs, or Hand Painted Signs, we have you adequately covered with solutions that make a real difference for your business.

Many business owners in Melbourne share spaces with other businesses with identical exteriors and similar marketing strategies. Our signwriters are ready to audit your business and develop a plan to make your brand stand out from competitors. Our hand-painted signs, in particular, wow the general public.

Customers are always eager for a pleasant distraction when walking down the street. Let your business signage connect with your customers in a manner most businesses are unable to.

Our artistic signwriters leverage traditional styles of creating art, thus producing an effect that easily resonates with the interests of ordinary customers. This is an attribute that generic marketing strategies are unable to achieve.

Consult with a well-seasoned sign writer from Melbourne Signwriting to get your business a distinctive look that will stand out on the high street.